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Acclaimed Trainer and Author Monty Roberts to Present at the International Equestrian Festival 

World-renowned horseman Monty Roberts will demonstrate his revolutionary horse training techniques at the International Equestrian Festival Sept. 25 and 26 from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.   Roberts is one of many celebrities scheduled to appear at the Festival, which takes place Sept. 25 — Oct. 10 in Lexington, Ky.

Monty Roberts is author of three New York Times bestsellers, including The Man Who Listens to Horses, which catapulted the trainer and Hollywood stunt man to fame, and shared his Join-Up training method to horse lovers across the globe. Roberts transformed traditional training techniques, which often relied on inflicting force and demands upon the horse, by developing a more humane, nonviolent approach. His method utilizes the body language horses use to communicate with one another, to encourage a bond of partnership between horse and human. Unique to his presentation at the International Equestrian Festival — and the first time it’s been presented in the United States — is Roberts’ use of a heart-rate monitor on each horse to illustrate the effectiveness of his methods. The audience will be able to listen and watch as Roberts taps into the heart of the horse to gauge his success.

“Attendees will probably be surprised at how simple I make the task of training horses,” said Roberts. “We horsemen are often guilty of complicating our training methods to the extent that we become confusing to the horse. Horses are not capable of thinking in complicated, convoluted terms.”

With assistance from Horse Capital Productions, producer of the International Equestrian Festival, Roberts will hold a horse selection at a Lexington-area farm to pick the horses that will be trained during his two sessions at the IEF. Depending on the needs of the horses chosen, Roberts will present ways to help a horse overcome fear, or spookiness; head-shy behavior; and/or intolerance toward grooming. He may also share what he calls “the Six Imperatives for an Enjoyable Ride.” 

To learn more about Monty Roberts and his Join-Up method, visit montyroberts.com. Detailed information about the International Equestrian Festival is available at internationalequestrianfestival.com.