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Exhibitor space update 

More than 500 exhibitors have now contacted the IEF concerning booth space. There are only about 50 spaces left. If an exhibitor’s name is not on the exhibitor list, here, then the IEF doesn't have the exhibitor’s contract yet.

The exhibitor deadlines are approaching quickly. The last chance to advertise in the IEF program is June 25.

Also, if an exhibitor wishes to be included in the IEF Program within the Kentucky Monthly Magazine (to be distributed at the WEG itself), it is necessary to contact Kendall at Kentucky Monthly, 888-329-0053, or by e-mail at Contact must be made by the June 25 deadline to be included.

Five Star Hotel Package for attendees and exhibitors 

Breakfast buffet, airport shuttle and festival shuttle are included in a five-star package offered to IEF attendees and exhibitors. The luxurious Hollywood Casino is the official hotel for the IEF. Rates are $159 plus tax per night for the full event or $179 plus tax per night if staying fewer days. To book, call the Hollywood reservations team directly at (888) 274-6797 and ask for Promotion Operator P-IEF-10.

Eight Trade Shows in One 

The International Equestrian Festival is really eight trade shows in one. Since each of the eight disciplines will be bringing their own loyal audience, Lexington will see a new group of attendees arrive every few days. This is to the advantage of an IEF exhibitor. With only one set-up and takedown, time will be spent in maximized efficiency, selling to new audiences every day. Overall, we anticipate over 200,000 different people cycling through the International Equestrian Festival throughout its 16-day stretch.

Everyone needs a day off, even horses

Most of the World Equestrian Games competitions allow for one or more days off within the championship's schedule. For example, the reining competition is off on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. These off-days allow the horses a chance to rest, so they can perform at their best during the final championship rounds. While this is great for the horses, their loyal fans are left to look to Lexington for some form of entertainment. These fans will want to shop, watch exhibitions, and do fun horse activities — which, of course, is what the International Equestrian Festival is about.

Advertising: here, there and everywhere

International Equestrian Festival ads will be popping up like daisies during the World Equestrian Games this fall. IEF ads will be distributed in publications that reach more than a million people, including the Kentucky State visitor's guide, the Lexington visitor's guide and on the cover of the Kentucky Farm and Horse Resource, serving Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Florida and Georgia. If visitors don't already know about the International Equestrian Festival when they arrive in Lexington, it certainly won't take them long to hear about it. Billboard ads will be spread around the state, and IEF will be featured in a 16-page spread in Kentucky Monthly's official WEG state publication, which will be available for every visitor at the horse park. The world is coming, and they will know about the International Equestrian Festival.

Learn how to play at the International Equestrian Festival 

Thanks to the IEF Hollywood Casino sponsor, the IEF Hospitality Atrium will include a variety of entertainment games and card tables in accordance with state regulations. Table lessons will take place throughout the event.

The Hollywood Casino Hospitality Atrium will also feature tribute performances by Elvis, Johnny Cash, Rod Stewart, Cher, Patsy Cline, and Madonna, as well as performances by artists from the Boogie Nights disco/dance club.

"We're delighted to bring the glamour and excitement of the Hollywood brand to IEF," said Tony Rodio, General Manager. "We plan to dazzle IEF visitors by transforming the hospitality center into a star-studded spectacular and extending our red carpet service to anyone who would like to take the short trip to Lawrenceburg to enjoy some exciting casino action, entertainment and fine dining during their time at the festival."