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Iron Horse Jeans announced June 7 they are the primary sponsor on Tayler Malsam’s No.10 Nationwide Series car owned by Braun Racing. The car will debut June 12 in Kentucky at the Nationwide Series.

Tayler made the move from Kyle Busch Motorsports No. 56 truck in the Camping World Series to Braun Racings No. 10 Car in the Nationwide Series and had his first race in Nashville on June 6. He finished in 11th place.

“We are thrilled to be part of such a great team in America’s greatest sport of racing. It’s a perfect fit, Western jeans and racing, the Iron Horse Jeans car will debut in Kentucky this weekend,” said Mark Wentura, president and co-founder of Iron Horse Jeans.

“We’re looking forward to adding Tayler to our No.10 Toyota starting at Nashville,” said Todd Braun, owner of Braun Racing. “Kyle has done a great job of giving talented young drivers a chance to race and also advance up through the NASCAR system. We think Tayler has shown a lot of potential and we appreciate Kyle allowing us to give him a shot to move up to the Nationwide Series. We’re confident Tayler will bring home solid finishes for our team.”

“The entire crew is excited about having Iron Horse Jeans being part of our new Nationwide team as we move into to summer races, they look great, feel great and really fit,” commented Tayler. “We plan on giving Wrangler a real run for their money.”

Iron Horse Jeans is a new denim alternative — an exclusive jeans brand that offers designer jeans styles at affordable prices with superior features. Jean wearers of all ages have come to know and love Iron Horse Jeans vintage washes, denim finishes, 11- and 12-ounce fabrics, and customized details such as half-inch double-needle stitching and copper/tin hardware trim.

Since the launch of Iron Horse Jeans in September 2009, the company has been sponsoring numerous rodeo events, Arabian horse shows, trade shows and will now be a force in NASCAR.