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Surprising a heavy field of botanical wound product competitors, Well-Horse was named top performing wound product by the experts at Horse Journal for a second year in a row. “After besting established wound product competitors in the 2009 Horse Journal trials,” declared Coco Fernandez, creator of Well-Horse, “we were thrilled to again take the top spot for all open wound products in 2010.” Well-Horse was also chosen from 440 products in all categories to win the 2009 top-ten product of the year from Horse Journal and was the only wound healing product selected.

Horse Journal conducts its’ product testing annually and winners are selected based on actual field results. To win best product two years in a row, along with the top-ten product of the year takes Well-Horse to a new level. Fernandez stated “We knew Well-Horse worked better than many of the competitors at healing wounds, but having the validation from The Horse Journal means everything.”

“For clean minor wounds and abrasions, we like products that have low potential for irritation and stimulate healing. Our top performer was Well-Horse which works well on major and less-serious wounds,” stated Horse Journal editors. “The most recent research suggests simply treating most wounds with a disinfectant, simply to keep them clean and allow them to heal. However, sometimes you need more. Well-Horse soothed wounds, kept tissues moist and appeared to even decrease pain. You can use it under bandages, too.” remarked Horse Journal editors. The great thing about Horse Journal is they do not accept advertising and provide true, honest feedback that is not influenced by the money of advertisers.

Well-Horse is unique in its treatment of wounds and infections as it is used to regenerate tissue on wounds by promoting the formation of new collagen. Well-Horse also kills fungal and bacterial micro-agents on contact, without burning or irritating the skin. It works well and fast on scratches, dew poisoning, rain rot, ringworm, poison oak, poison ivy and more. It re-grows damaged hair follicles and allows the original hair color to return to injured areas.
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