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ABC 36 WTVQ-DT has announced a partnership with Horse Capital Productions to be the Official Local Media Partner for the 2010 International Equestrian Festival, held this fall in the city's centrally located convention center beside the iconic Rupp Arena. The sponsorship by ABC-36 of the multi-million dollar festival comes in anticipation of the television network's new schedule to include equestrian-related news and special interest programming.

"This is such a synergistic sponsorship for our equestrian festival," commented Anne Buchanan, CEO of Horse Capital Productions. "ABC-36 has always done a tremendous job of providing full coverage of our area's events and their interest in highlighting the horse industry to the general public made this a natural fit for us."

"The entertainment and international line-up that the IEF will be showcasing is very exciting," said Rebecca Price, ABC-36 Marketing Director. "We will be there in full force with a whole new way to get the community involved on-screen and in person. This event exemplifies the innovativeness and forward-thinking approach to building excitement around horse sports and that is paramount in our community, especially during 2010. It's great to know that the IEF is an event for our audience, too."

The Presenting Sponsor of the event, HRTV, is a national broadcast channel dedicated to the sport of horse racing and its newly announced equestrian content. ABC-36 plans to feature HRTV in an upcoming special interest story.

The 2010 International Equestrian Festival will take place Sept. 25 – Oct. 10 during the World Equestrian Games — the world championships in eight equestrian sports. The IEF includes a 16-day seminar series for horse enthusiasts of all riding levels, a hospitality center, daily demonstrations with experts and celebrities with live horses, and a mega-shopping event. It's interactive and fun for diehard horsemen, horsewomen and a great place for locals to participate in the most exciting year in Lexington's history. ABC 36 has planned special media promotional events in the coming months and throughout the event. The anchors, reporters and satellite trucks will be on-site daily.

For more information about ABC 36, visit For more information about the International Equestrian Festival visit To exhibit, contact trade show director, Kent Hopper at