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Arenus, makers of STEADFAST EQUINE joint health, Equilite/Sore No More liniments, ASSURE digestive aids, Equilite brand holistic herbal blends and botanical animal flower essences, announced March 24 a distribution partnership with Bit of Britain, a trusted source for English riding goods. 

Bit of Britain, headquartered in Oxford, Pa., sits in the heart of three-day eventing country, a sport that incorporates dressage, show jumping and cross-country competition. The company caters to eventing participants by carrying specialty tack and equipment. Items are easily accessible through Bit of Britain’s large store in Oxford, three yearly catalogs, Web site, and a large mobile store that services more than 30 horse shows per year, allowing competitors to shop while at the show. In addition to providing tack, equipment, apparel and gifts, Bit of Britain also carries equine health items, now including several Arenus products such as STEADFAST EQUINE joint health, ASSURE GUARD and ASSURE HOOF digestive aids.

“Bit of Britain is excited to provide the excellent equine products that Arenus offers,” said John Nunn, owner of Bit of Britain. “In addition to now carrying ASSURE GUARD, ASSURE HOOF and STEADFAST EQUINE, we have carried the Arenus Equilite/Sore No More family of products for years.”

“Arenus is pleased to be able to offer our products to the eventing community at Bit of Britain,” said Simone Pophal, Arenus business manager. “ASSURE GUARD is a great product for eventing horses because in addition to having a unique patent-pending combination of pre- and probiotics, is it designed to maintain normal stomach pH. ASSURE HOOF also contains pre- and probiotics, as well as supports hoof growth and strength.”

STEADFAST EQUINE Joint Health and the ASSURE Digestive Aids made their debuts on the Bit of Britain mobile unit last month at the USEA Horse Trials at Paradise Farm in Aiken, S.C.
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