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Are your horses trendsetters in the barn?  They will be in a SuperMask II Horse Fly Mask from the new Shimmer Weave Color Collection. Fashion meets function in the this new fly mask featuring an exclusive tri-color Shimmer Weave mesh combined with fashion-forward plush trim to reflect the horse’s unique color. 

The new SuperMask II with Shimmer Weave Mesh Color Collection is available in four fashionable color configurations: copper mesh with cheetah trim, silver mesh with lynx trim, copper mesh with black trim and silver mesh with black trim. Choose the trim and weave color combination that enhances the horse’s natural coloring. It is available in horse, Arabian and XL sizes without ears and in horse and XL sizes with ears.

SuperMask products provide proven performance — Built to Fit, Built to Last, Built to Stay On! — even when horses are turned out together.

SuperMask II products are well known for the double-latch closure that works two ways to keep it where it belongs. First, by fastening twice for double security and super staying power and second, stable mates can’t rip it off because the latch is positioned under the jaw, not on the cheekbone.

The SuperMask line of horse fly masks has been the brand of choice by horse owners for more than 20 years because it is designed to fit and conform to the horse’s natural contours. They keep flies, dust, dirt and debris away from the horse’s eyes while protecting their face and eyes from harmful UV rays and aiding healing of eye injuries. The see-through mesh does not obstruct the horse’s vision and the plush, fly-proof trim provides maximum comfort without rubbing or harsh abrasion. 

The original SuperMask horse fly mask and SuperMask II without-ears horse fly mask are still available in sizes for Arabian, yearling, foal, miniature horse and miniature horse A sizes, with ears styles in Arabian and miniature horse A/B sizes. Original SuperMask II horse fly mask styles in horse, Arabian and XL without ears and horse and XL with ears are still available while supplies last.
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