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Team eZall recently gained a new team member: professional reiner Tanya Jenkins. Based in Temecula, Calif., Jenkins has proved herself as a standout trainer and competitor in the National Reining Horse Association.

“eZall supports equestrian athletes across the nation and we're proud to have Tanya Jenkins join our 'family'. By incorporating a training facility for performance horses, non-pro and youth riders and a breeding facility, she is a perfect addition to Team eZall,” says John Collet of eZall.

Jenkins says that she uses only the best products on both her breeding stock and her performance horses.

“I just love the new Green eZall! It really suds up well and is so easy to use. Plus it smells great. I like to take eZall to the shows to keep my horses looking their best throughout the entire show without having to spend too much time in the wash rack,” says Jenkins.

Drawn to the sport of reining in 1993, Jenkins has worked with some of the most prestigious reining trainers and performance horses. Placing in the 2007 NRHA Top 20, she was one of the highest money-earning professionals of the year.

Tanya began her lifelong career with horses when she was eight. Showing all-around horses for nearly 17 years, she worked with various pleasure and all-around trainers throughout her teens. During the course of several visits to NRHA and AQHA champion Bob Loomis' ranch a few times a year — gaining as much knowledge as possible in those meetings. Working and riding with various reining trainers including the guidance and influence of NRHA Futurity winner John Slack, Tanya decided to focus her professional training career on the reining industry. Since then she has won numerous NRHA titles. Learn more about Tanya by visiting her web site at
(877) 879-3925;