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Justin Brands Inc. announced Jan. 25 the promotions of Brandon Barker, Mike Haverty, Joe Baca, Megan Force and Amy Porter.

“As we continue to push forward with new initiatives and innovations, we have made significant personnel changes that will assist in accomplishing our goals for the new year,” said Randy Watson, president and CEO of Justin Brands.

Brandon Barker, previously national sales manager for both the Justin Boot Company and Justin Original Workboots, is now the brand manager for Justin Original Workboots. Mr. Barker’s focus will be directed towards revenue and profit growth while expanding the offerings of new product to existing distribution channels and exploring new opportunities for the brand.

Mike Haverty moves from a Justin Brands key account manager into the role of national sales manager for both the Justin Boot Company and Justin Original Workboots. His extensive experience with managing major accounts has prepared him for the transition to national sales manager. 

Joe Baca has moved from the assistant brand manager for Tony Lama Boot Company to the Justin Brands corporate sales position. His responsibilities will include monitoring and sales of finished goods for promotional opportunities as well as working with all brands to utilize raw materials.   

Megan Force, previously the PR coordinator for Justin Brands, will now be the media specialist. Her primary responsibilities will be in the area of social media, and her focus will include increasing brand awareness and driving traffic for all brands to retailers on such media as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. 

Amy Porter, who previously worked in the Justin Brands advertising department, will now be the PR and licensing coordinator. She will coordinate endorsee/retailer promotions, TV and movie productions as well as licensing activities.

“I am confident in our selections and I know I can expect strong results from each of them,” said Jamie Morgan, Justin Brands vice president of Sales and Marketing.

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