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The American Equestrian Trade Association announced Dec. 31 that Equine Resources International, LLC (ERI) of Kennett Square, Pa., has been selected as its new executive management company. The equine marketing firm will help facilitate the association’s mission to unite the industry and support connections between equestrian manufacturers and retailers, as well as maintain AETA’s new headquarters in southeastern Pennsylvania.

"AETA is honored to be represented by a company with the expertise and professionalism of Equine Resources International," said Frances Bowers, president of AETA. "Lua Southard and her team’s breadth of experience with various aspects of the equine industry are unparalleled."

AETA was officially incorporated in 2007 as a nonprofit trade association governed by industry leaders. Assisted by a partnership with Hopper Expositions Inc., AETA provides an expanding range of member services and networking possibilities through a series of successful semiannual trade shows and other benefits. Now with the management of ERI, AETA is working to further enhance the organization, structure and growth of the association.

"AETA was organized during a pivotal time to ensure the future and success of the trade industry," said Lua Southard, CEO of Equine Resources International LLC. "ERI is excited to work with manufacturers and retailers, large and small, while helping to contribute to the growth and success of this important association."

Established in 1997, ERI has helped clients bring exceptional products and services to horse enthusiasts across the country and around the world. With a client list that has included top industry names such as Pfizer Animal Health, the Equine Network, W.F. Young, Freedom Health LLC, E. Vogel Boots and Shoes and Leather Goods of Spain – to name just a few – Equine Resources International intends to use its experience to help guide AETA and benefit its members.

Since AETA’s inception, The Association Advantage has provided its services to help establish, promote and manage the association. President Frances Bowers and the rest of the AETA board thank Sherri Oken and her staff for their years of hard work and dedication to the association.

"I look forward to working with ERI and AETA in the upcoming months to ensure a seamless transition." said Oken, principal of The Association Advantage.

One of the goals of AETA and ERI is to make the association a sustainable value for all members. ERI encourages members to contact it with any ideas that will help AETA facilitate this goal. Members can reach AETA at its new headquarters at 621 Wollaston Road, Kennett Square, Pa., 19348, or by phone at (610) 444-2025, fax (610) 444-2027 or email:

For more information on the American Equestrian Trade Association, visit The next trade show, AETA International, produced by Hopper Expositions, Inc. will be held Jan. 30–Feb. 1, at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, Pa. To register as an exhibitor or a buyer, visit
(610) 444-2025;