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Outback Trading Company is highlighting the Low Rider Oilskin Duster, a coat that has been constructed to withstand the toughest weather Mother Nature sends your way. Decades of workmanship have gone into refining every detail, resulting in a coat that will provide a lifetime of all-weather protection.

Thirty years ago, Wilson King, president of Outback Trading Company, spent a year riding his motorcycle through Australia wearing an oilskin duster. “There is no other raincoat on earth that is this versatile, effective and practical. It will last a lifetime,” he says.  He was so impressed by the comfort and the versatility of the duster, he brought several back for family and friends. The Outback Oilskin Duster became a flagship product of what would become the Outback Trading Company.

  • Using the same structure and function as the original oilskin duster from the 19th century, Outback Trading Company had focused on making their Low Rider Duster more stable, rugged and comfortable: The detachable cape provides an extra layer of weather protection
  • Throat latch collar turns up to block rain and wind from the wearer’s neck
  • Waterproof heavy duty snaps and zippers provides extra durability
  • Unisex sizing, cut full for a more comfortable and easy fit
  • Removable dual snap leg straps hold the coat in place while the wearer moves
  • Dual entry patch pockets lined with hand warming cotton
  • Rider-designed large rear gusset to cover the saddle
  • Inside zipper security pocket to protect valuables
  • Adjustable drawstring waist
  • Snap open back vents provide extra range of motion

The foundation of the duster is 100 percent Egyptian cotton that has been treated by a special coating to make the fabric 100 percent waterproof. New oil and wax processes were developed to create a coat that could withstand the most severe weather. Following simple care instructions will prolong the life of the duster. When it gets dirty, simply hose it off. Yes, that’s right. Take a garden hose and wash it off and allow it to air dry. 

For added protection, you will want to use Outback Trading Company’s DuckBack Dressing. An occasional application of the DuckBack Dressing will prolong the look, performance and integrity of your oilskin apparel.

A removable, washable liner is also available. Made from 100% New Zealand wool, the liner can be added for extra warmth. The same wool liner will also fit into other Outback Trading Company oilskin jackets. Be sure to visit our website for other compatible Outback Trading Company outerwear that can be worn with the wool liner.

 So, whether for a city slicker or an outback cowboy, Outback Low Rider Oilskin Duster is made to fit the wearer and the active lifestyle.

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