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Street-smart and urban cool, Iron Horse Jeans Company breaks new ground with “Bazine,” the ultimate fashion statement that’s getting raves from the Underground to the Girl-Next-Door. Thanks to Iron Horse’s position in the international world of fashion, it’s one step ahead of everyone else in the Western Market. In fact, what designers in New York and L.A. know about jeans is now affordable and available in the first of three fashion deliveries made up of eight styles per delivery. Bazine offers double-needle stitch work, a low-rise waist and custom-fit finishing; a cotton-lined waist and yoke, plus ripped and torn patchwork for that well-worn, well-loved, lived-in look. Iron Horse does all the heavy grinding, spot abrasion and shredding and adds patches with zigzag stitching to hold the edges tight.

Mark Wentura, president of Iron Horse Jeans, says, “Women will love how it’s long in the leg and low in the rise with a contour waist for reduced gapping that comforts every figure.” Take a close look at the total effect: A touch of glam shines in the rustic aged-tin copper hardware trim, and there’s extra surface interest such as whiskering and back-flap pockets with studding and embroidered embellishments. No one can give a pre-distressed look like Iron Horse does, with just enough decorative destruction to destroy a comparable pair of lesser quality. Available in today’s all-important medium 122-ounce stonewash finish with a light sandblast, look no further for the answer to “What’s new?” or “What’s hot?”

Bazine, as with all Iron Horse jeans, are custom-fabricated and backed by an exclusive one-year guarantee against workmanship. If any seam, button or zipper fails, Iron Horse will replace or repair the jeans free, no questions asked. And there is a full line of Western-inspired knit tops and street-cool belts from Iron Horse jeans to give your customer what she wants, all at the same time. Gone are the days of wondering when your order will be delivered and if it will meet your expectations. From the Iron Horse jeans Company, partners you can rely on, great jeans at great prices so you can maximize retail sales and profits.

(858) 798-1382;