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For Olympic competitor or amateur enthusiast, the patent-pending magnetic stirrup system from OnTyte helps improve performance and overall quality of riding. It frees the rider from the worry or fear of losing stirrups, aiding with correct rider position and allowing skill development to surface naturally.

How? It’s a 1-2-3 formula:

  1. Increased contact with the horse leads to
  2. Enhanced balance and stabilization to generate
  3. Unparalleled confidence.

An idea initially conceived for an adult amateur rider, then developed from prototype to product with key input from U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist Laura Kraut, the universal sole contains integrated metal plates, which connect the rider’s boot with the accompanying magnetic stirrup.

Once the angle of the connection is challenged, as in the case of dismounting or even falling, the system disengages, ensuring safety of the rider.

“I have fallen off in every imaginable way while using OnTyte, and I’ve been on the ground before I ever thought about my stirrups,” said Kim Prince, an international show-jumper rider.

The sole system is applied to existing riding boots by shipping to official partner, Virginia-based Resole America, or by a local cobbler. Custom boots incorporating the OnTyte soles are available through top brands Vogel, Filli Fabri and Parlanti. Grand Prix also offers the sole in its black zippered paddock boot and Elite field boot.

Approved by both FEI and USEF for show jumping and eventing, the revolutionary OnTyte system is available in two options: traditional Fillis style  ($199.90) and composite ($220). The sole is $115.

More than a new product, OnTyte Magnetic Stirrup System is a new way of riding.
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