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Julie Goodnight, the natural horsemanship trainer known for her sensitive style and straight-forward teaching as well as her superior training tools, announces the addition of Goodnight’s Quick Clip and Goodnight’s Rope Reins to her colorful Rope Couture line—the line that includes quality and colorful rope halters and leads and is designed to make horse life fun and easy. Using the same long-lasting rope she used for her leads and halters, Goodnight’s reins maintain a heavy weight and soft feel in the hands to help communicate subtly yet effectively with the horse. The reins measure 10 feet long —enough to allow the horse to lower its head and relax on the trail, but also the perfect length to you gather and collect the horse quickly. A contrasting center marker helps the rider know where to hold. The easy-to-attach rope connections easily slide through the bit’s metal and secure quickly. Choose reins to match a Goodnight halter and lead set or identifying barn colors: tan, black, turquoise, green, or raspberry. Get a set now for $59.95 at

For sizzling summer days, Goodnight’s Rope Couture line comes in such deliciously wild color combinations including lime, raspberry, Pacific blue and purple. Or fall fashionistas can sport the autumn colors of maroon, tan or pine. All of Goodnight’s high-quality ropes are manufactured in the USA.

And with all great leads, there are always great clips. Goodnight’s Quick Clip is the solution when moving a horse from the hitching post to the trailer to the wash rack without having to tie and untie a knot. Keep a Quick Clip attached to every rope and lead in the barn. Bonus: If a horse pulls back, Julie’s high-quality ropes will slip through the clip’s holder, providing the horse relief without damaging equipment or, worse, injuring the horse. The clips are $24.95 each or 4 for $79.80 (a savings of $20).

The Goodnight Rope Couture line also includes the:  

Premium Halter with Custom-Wrapped Noseband. An excellent training tool designed with specific pressure points, the flat noseband is contoured for groundwork and the round noseband for groundwork and riding. Regular horse size fits Arab to Warmblood. Halter and wrapped noseband come in black-tan, purple-lime, black-raspberry, maroon-tan, black-red, pine-tan, black-lime, black-raspberry, black-turquoise, black-pacific blue, purple-raspberry. 3/8-inch wide, $24.95.

Standard Rope Halter. Mild enough on the horse’s face to use as an everyday halter, the standard rope halter is 3/8-inch wide and has the ideal stiffness and durability. Available in draft, average and yearling sizes. Choose from a variety of fun colors to match barn colors or horse's gear: Black, pine, raspberry, pink, Pacific blue, purple. $19.95.

Premium Training Lead. Highest quality, 5/8-inch marine-style rope with an oval shape that conforms to the hand. Perfect for teaching a horse ground manners. Made with a sewn-and-spliced loop end that attaches to the halter so no metal buckle will hurt the horse’s jaw; leather lash on tail. Choose a color to match halter and reins: pine, black, tan, raspberry, turquoise, lime (lime rope is 1/2-inch diameter). Available in two lengths: 12-foot lead for horses under 16 hands, $34.95; or 15-foot lead for horses over 16 hands, $39.95.

Premium Short Lead with Snap. The same high quality, 5/8-inch marine rope valued in a training lead is now available in a useful lead perfect for everyday use. Use the strong clip to quickly attach and detach. It can be matched to a favorite halter, training lead and reins. Choices are pine, black, tan, raspberry, turquoise, lime (lime rope is ½-inch diameter); 8-foot lead, $24.95.

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