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Zephyr’s Garden LLC, an herbal-based horse product company, announced June 30 that they will sponsor Amber Crocco, the 2008 3D National Barrel Horse Association State Champion.

Crocco, an avid Zephyr’s Garden patron, began using the products to treat her horse Nate’s summer sores. Nate, an 11-year-old Quarter Horse, has earned Crocco several Florida state titles and numerous awards, as well as qualifying for the World Show in 2007.

Crocco’s enthusiasm for the products shined through her interview with Zephyr’s Garden. “Every summer Nate breaks out with summer sores. When reviewing the ingredients in Zephyr’s Garden products, I had to try them! Within a week of using the Healing Salve I, Nate’s summer sores had healed with his coat growing back his same chestnut color,” said Crocco.

In addition to admiring the healing properties of Healing Salve I, Crocco also has found Zephyr’s Garden Pure & Simple Fly Spray to be the first all natural fly spray to keep the Florida bugs away! Crocco went on to explain that she feels safe spraying her horses, Nate and Sam, with a fly spray that she knows will not cause an adverse reaction due to chemicals. Zephyr’s Garden Sore Muscle Gel is also a part of Crocco’s competition routine. The gel is applied before and after races to keep her horses’ legs in top barrel racing condition.

Zephyr’s Garden President, Georgette Topakas said, “We feel very fortunate to be able to sponsor Ms. Crocco. To join up with a highly ranked competitive rider that supports the use of natural horse products is a perfect fit for Zephyr’s Garden. Between Zephyr competing on the A-Circuit in California and Crocco competing in NBRA shows in the southern United States, we hope to let the horse community know that natural products are for every discipline of equestrian sports. Horse enthusiasts are beginning to understand the repercussions of using chemical based products on their beloved horses.”

Crocco will be competing throughout Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina this summer representing the effective Zephyr’s Garden all natural product line at the President’s Cup and other NBHA shows.

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