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Northern Colorado's own Greeley Hat Works is commemorating its 100th anniversary with the unveiling of its limited edition 100 Year Anniversary Hat. "Our concept was to pay tribute to our historic past and the future of the classic Western hat that we've built our reputation on," says Greeley Hat Works' owner and lead designer Trent Johnson.

And Greeley Hat Works reputation for quality and exceptional craftsmanship is respected and sought after worldwide.

Its hats have been worn by some of the most influential people in the world and the 100 Year Anniversary Hat had to exceed anything Greeley Hat Works had done before.

Johnson explains, "I was commissioned to build two hats for former President George W. Bush in honor of his first election and again after his re-election. After the second hat, I was contacted by the State Department to see if I would recreate the same hat with the President's signature in it. Those hats were used as gifts to visiting dignitaries. The Amir of Kuwait, Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and Vladimir Putin all wear Greeley Hat Works creations. The 100 Year Anniversary Hat needed to top that."

To help raise the bar once again, Johnson assembled a team of his most trusted and respected allies, each with a unique ability to enhance the 100 Year Anniversary Hat, making each one a true work of art. In addition to being handmade from the finest pure beaver felt, each hat is customized to the purchaser’s own specifications. Master leather carver and saddle maker Andy Stevens of J.M. Capriola Company ( hand tools each one-of-a-kind leather sweatband. California-born artist and jeweler Lee Downey of Artifactual, ( has crafted a buckle set from 3000-year-old mammoth ivory. The hat is protected by an heirloom-quality hand-carved leather hatbox designed by long time entrepreneur and forward thinker Trey Gilmore of Lucchesse Boot Company. No detail is left out, as even the Certificate of Authenticity is laser-engraved and hand-tooled by Leather Artist Mike Lee before being signed and numbered by Hatter Trent Johnson.

The result of this artistic collaboration is a truly unique and magnificent piece of headwear worthy of representing Greeley Hat Works' 100th anniversary.

The 100 Year Anniversary Hat is available for $2009 and is strictly limited to 100 editions.

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